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Any existing glass surface on a building becomes a transparent display by adding our video layer.
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Transparent displays
as glare control

VideowindoW is the only transparent display solution that functions as glare control with heat absorption. This makes it the ideal solution for airports and other buildings with large glass surfaces.

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For many purposes

The combined features of VideowindoW add values to glass that serve a variety of purposes.

Glare control
and Shading

Generative video

and art

Branding and

Tech overview

How it works

VideowindoW adjusts the transparency of glass in a way that turns it into a screen. The content on this screen then doubles as glare control.


VideowindoW divides glass in numerous small segments, comparable to pixels, This feature is unique and unlike any existing tintable glass.


Each pixel’s transparency ranges from full transparent to nearly full black, yielding a monochrome palette that can be used to show images.

High speed

Transparency is continuously adjusted to exterior daylight and each pixel is changed at very high speed, thus enabling video content.


Works everywhere ... for everyone


to inform


to prevent


to help


to motivate

Coworking space

TO share


to teach

Transport hub

to orient


to advert

Tradition put in motion

VideowindoW continues a tradition of adding narratives to buildings for centuries.
Reminiscent of the stained glass that used to tell stories for centuries, we believe modern buildings with glass facades can do this as well.

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