Turn your expensive and static glare control into sustainable media platforms.

VideowindoW is a modular system that can be applied as a large-scale installation or a singular module.

Large-scale installation
Singular module

Earn money

no capex by leasing
increase advertising space
increase branding space

Increase comfort

maximize the use of natural light
improve indoor environment
create unique experience

Reduce CO2

reduce the carbon footprint of a building
save on energy for climate control
save on energy for illumination

Large-scale installation

Our transparent, adjustable monochrome liquid crystal display modules use daylight as backlight, transforming windows into an extremely energy-efficient transparent screen. Based on light sensor input, video content is used to adjust transparency and thus provide glare control.

Redefining glare control

Transforming windows into transparent media platforms adds aesthetic, functional, and commercial value.

Creating beautiful and informative spaces  

Creating content that doubles as glare control bring an immersive experience and media value while meeting sustainability goals.

Singular module

Gain full experience that fits every space: share information, save power and entertain. Our fit-for-all displays are non-intrusive, but yet entertaining, and can present content in a more balanced way complementing its surroundings.

Adding unique customer experience

Our award-winning technology brings a new level of experience and enhances surroundings through meaningful and well-adjusted content.

Turning costs into profits

VideowindoW is offered as a service, in which the showing of commercial content offsets the leasing costs – glare control that pays for itself.

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