storytelling - Institut du monde arabe

How the idea came to light

Reminiscent of the centuries old tradition of stained glass, VideowindoW wants to revive the narrative power of a façade. It does so by controlling incoming sunlight in numerous tiny segments. Inspiration for this was drawn from the Institut du Monde Arabe, where thousands of diaphragms are jointly managed to control glare. Unlike these diaphragms, we wanted to develop a solution that is low in maintenance, wear-free and doesn't use a lot of energy to operate. This is how we started experimenting with the use of liquid crystals to alter a façades transparency.

The founders

Remco Veenbrink

FOunder, CEO

Remco is the co-founder and CEO of VideowindoW. He is the creative mastermind behind successive versions of VideowindoW. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, Remco developed a successful career in Marketing & Advertising as a director, producer and creative for internationally renowned brands. Since 2018 he is fully dedicated to the development and growth of his company VideowindoW.

Mark Oudenhoven

FOunder, CFO

Mark is the co-founder and CFO of VideowindoW. He combines analytical skills with a practical sense of commercial opportunities. After graduating from Tilburg University, Mark first gained experience as a fund manager and later worked for a Japanese investment bank, where he developed strong relationships in Japan and Asia. Since 2018 he is fully dedicated to the organization and growth of VideowindoW.